Pru and Christopher are back in the latest Potting Shed mystery!

Bittersweet Herbs by Marty WingateBittersweet Herbs

Home at Greenoak in Hampshire, Texas transplant Pru Parke joins a society to establish a medieval herb garden near the twelfth-century Hospital of St. Cross in Winchester. But when a flamboyant supporter of the garden who promised a million-pound donation is found hanged, Pru finds herself drawn into more than the study of medieval gardens.

A dangerous herbal concoction made from an ancient recipe was found near the body. Had the poison been taken willingly or under duress? Was it suicide or murder? Murder, police say. Detective Inspector Christopher Pearse—Pru’s husband, partner in crime-solving, and the only one legally allowed to do so—is called in on the case by Detective Superintendent John Upstone, who was Christopher’s first “guv” more than twenty years earlier.

Murder is a fact, but motives involve emotions—deep grudges, resentment, jealousy, revenge. Who are the likely suspects? What will happen to that promised huge donation? Pru and Christopher investigate. Like walking two different paths in the garden, she follows her heart and he follows the evidence, but they end up with the same answer: someone else is in danger.

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Murder is a MustMurder Is a Must

“Lively and engaging.”

Hayley Burke is determined to make the First Edition Library a success, but she hadn’t counted on having to solve an old friend’s murder in this all-new mystery.

Hayley is settling into her position as curator of the First Edition Library at Middlebank House in Bath, England and is busy preparing for an exhibition that will showcase library founder Lady Fowling’s life and letters. Hayley knows the exhibition is a huge undertaking and decides, against her better judgment, to hire Oona Atherton, her former demon of a boss from the Jane Austen Centre, as exhibition manager.

Hayley learns that Lady Fowling owned a priceless edition of Murder Must Advertise by Dorothy L. Sayers, signed by many authors of the Golden Age of Mystery. This could be the big draw at the exhibition, but where is the book? When Oona texts Hayley with the news that she know where it is, Hayley rushes over only to find Oona dead at the bottom of a spiral staircase. Did her discovery of the whereabouts of the rare book get Oona killed or was it some angry shadow from her past? Hayley must read between the lines to catch a malicious murderer.

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